Multipurpose Loans

Multi Guna Loans is a form of credit package that channeling through cooperative employees in the environment TNI / Police / Defense, cooperatives or agencies within the government, state-owned, BUMD and private companies selected to its members to finance the needs of a consumptive nature.


Costumer data:

  • Copy of KTP of applicant / husband / wife
  • Copy of NIP / NRP of employee or cooperative member’s sign card
  • Copy of family card
  • Copy of marriage certificate
  • Original salary slip of last month
  • Minimum age 21 years old or married and maximum 55 years old when credit is due


Cooperative / Agency data:

  • Photocopy of the last SKEP stewardship
  • Copy of KTP of administrator
  • Copy of Membership Card
  • Statement from the competent authority which contains among others:

- Whereas the applicant is correct as a member of the cooperative / agency employee

- Willing to deduct salary as much as obligation every month until credit is paid off

- Willing to be responsible for depositing the salary deductions of the members of the borrower every month

- Willing to pay off the remaining obligations simultaneously, if the applicant is laid off / move / dies

  • Submit a copy of the deed of establishment of the company and the latest articles of association and its amendment
  • Copy of NPWP, TDP, SIUP, SKDP
  • Financial statement of 2 (two) last period
  • Other legal data in accordance with applicable provisions

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