Retirement Loan

Retirement Loan is a credit granted to retired members of TNI / Polri and Civil Servants whose pension payments are channeled through Bank Yudha Bhakti and used to finance the personal, personal needs of the applicant, whose monthly payments come from pensions deposited in savings deposits is in the Bank Yudha Bakti.

Easy and flexible is one of the advantages of the loan facility we provide to the pensioners, Bank Yudha Bhakti comes with a pension credit program that will be able to provide solutions to meet its needs.


  • Indonesian citizen
  • Original pension SKEP
  • Copy of salary slip / receipt receipt min. Last 3 months
  • Copy of KTP of husband / wife and family card
  • Copy of Marriage Certificate or Deed of Divorce or a statement of not being married
  • Copy of pension book
  • Copy of Pension Identity Card
  • Open savings at Bank Yudha Bakti


Benefit / Profit

  • Competitive interest rate
  • Easy and fast process
  • Can take over
  • Longer period of time
  • The transfer process at the old Pension office to Bank Yudha Bhakti is assisted by the bank


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Telp. (021) 2975-2975, 2975-2999

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