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Begins from the issuance of PAKTO 27/1988, as ease to establish a new Bank, it is addressed by holding “Coordination Meeting” between Dephankam, Perum ASABRI, Pepabri and Developers on 1 December, 1988, considering the funds owned particularly by Dephankam, and KPR projects at the time it was quite potential, where on the other hand the number of partners in the environment Dephankam/ABRI, estimated to be very helpful if it can be realized the establishment of a new bank. Furthermore, hereinafter on 9 January, 1989, it submitted a bank establishment proposal of to the Minister of Defense, principally it was approved by the Minister of Defense, to be developed and held exploratory further, followed by a meeting and discussion with the Minister of Public Housing, Director of Commercial Bank Government and the Director of National Private Banks.

As the results of the meeting between the Minister of Public Housing, Director of Commercial Bank Government and the Director of National Private Banks published warrant number: Sprin/146/I/1989 on January 28, 1989 to give an order to the President Director of Perum Asabri - Mayjen TNI Tjok P. Swastika and Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the KPR Project Dephankam – Lieutenant General (ret) Sarwono Widyo Hoetomo to arrange the Feasibility Study for bank establishment, in order to improve the welfare of Asabri soldier and Civil Servants in environment of Dephankam/ABRI.

In preparation for establishment plan of a Commercial Bank, in February 1989 has held several meetings with LPPI Management Consultant, President Director of Perum ASABRI cq. Director of Engineering and General Director of Domestic Monetary to decide that in preparation for the bank establishment, it would use LPPI Management Consulting services to make feasibility studies and in collaboration with Bank Niaga.

After conducting through several preparation stages of Dephankam Bank establishment, starting with approval proposal of the Bank establishment principle, licensing, financing, conducting procurement personnel and all other supporting elements, after the holding the first General Meeting of Shareholders on July 26, 1989 hereinafter on August 14, 1989 it has received Approval of Commercial Banks Establishment Principle from the Ministry of Finance No. S-982/MK.13/1989 dated on August 14, 1989. On September 1 1989, it has received a letter of recommendation from Bank Indonesia with No. 22/530/UUPS/PSbD Preparation Establishment Subject of PT Bank Yudha Bakti as Commercial Bank referring to the letter of the Minister of Finance S-982/MK.13/1989 dated on August 14, 1989. Approval Establishment Principle Subject of PT Bank Yudha Bakti as commercial banks in Jakarta, on Septermber 14, 1989 second General Meeting of Shareholders was held. As a result, it generated several important decisions, i.e. Provide one addition of Cooperative Center as Founder/Shareholder,i.e. PUSKOP Dephankam and “LOGO” ratification of PT Bank Yudha Bakti.

On October 23, 1989, it have earned a letter of recommendation from the Minister of Cooperatives with No. 266/M/X/1989, to grant permission to INKOPAD, INKOPAL, INKOPAU, INKOPPOL, INKOPPABRI, PUSKOP MABES TNI, and PUSKOP DEPHANKAM establishing Bank and since January 9, 1990 Bank Yundha Bakti started to operate.  

Since entering to the industry of banking in Indonesia in the middle of 1997, monetary economic crisis began to affect Indonesia and impacted to all business sectors, especially to the national banking sector. It is characterized by the liquidation to Several National Private Bank. Fortunately, the financial crisis did not bring a significant impact to the Bank, otherwise, Bank can capture positive opportunities. Bank Yudha Bakti during the period was able to be classified as category “A”, hereinafter, it did not need an alternative effort by a government recap bonds. Starting from 2001, the Bank Yudha Bakti was able to conduct a sustainable expand remarked by opening of several branches and sub-branches in Java and Sumatra.

From the capital side, the Bank was owned firstly by main cooperative and cooperative Center within TNI/POLRI and Dephankam, because of capital needs so the entry of private investors cannot be avoided. Also, the Bank increases the capital gradually both organically and fresh money to meet the capital requirements set by Bank Indonesia.

Furthermore, the development and dynamics of capital needs bring the Bank to change its status to be Perusahaan Terbuka and with the entering of new investors from community through effectively Initial Public Offering (IPO) process since the first of share listing in PT Bursa Efek Indonesia on January 13, 2015. Bank also add more capital with Penawaran Umum Terbats I (“PUT I”) to the shareholders by giving Hak Memesan Efek first in the semester 1 in 2016. Until Semester 1 in 2016 Bank has basic capital at Rp1.500.000.000.000,- ( one trillion and five hundred billion rupiah) and which located and was full deposited by shareholders was Rp.402.425.600.000,- where PT Gozco and PT Asabri (Persero) are the shareholders up to 5% (five percent).

Along with information technology development, Bank Yudha Bakti is constantly improving infrastructures with Business Technology closer to custumors’ needs. In addition, management is constantly improving corporate culture based on the abilities and needs to give a positive impact on the company’s performance optimally.

A strong commitment and synergic action of the Shareholders, Board of Commissioners, Board of Directors and all employees are able to locate and bring the Bank Yudha Bakti to grow and develop in a sustainable manner. Bank Yudha Bakti was able to improve their business performance in line with the demands of investors and stakeholders. In this case, Bank Yudha Bakti could still put principles of good corporate governance as its priority to maintain investors’ confidence.

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